Top Things to Do in Milton Keynes for Couples

Looking for the perfect destination to create romantic memories with your partner? Look no further than Milton Keynes. This vibrant city offers a plethora of couple experiences, ensuring that you and your loved one will have an unforgettable time together.

From thrilling adventures to indulgent treats, Milton Keynes has it all. Whether you’re seeking outdoor activities, a delectable dining experience, or a leisurely stroll in beautiful parks, there’s something to suit every couple’s taste.

Join us as we explore the top love attractions in Milton Keynes, where you’ll discover a range of exciting and delightful activities to enjoy together. So, grab your partner’s hand and get ready for a romantic journey in this charming city.

Top Things to Do in Milton Keynes for Couples

1. Fun and Games: Crazy Golf at Mr Mulligans

Looking for romantic things to do in Milton Keynes? Mr Mulligans is the perfect spot for couples to have some fun and games. With two crazy golf courses to choose from, you and your partner can enjoy a playful and entertaining date.

The indoor Lost World Golf at Mr Mulligans offers a unique experience for couples. It’s ideal for a ‘grown-up’ night out or if the weather isn’t suitable for outdoor activities. Step into a prehistoric world and navigate through challenging obstacles and breathtaking landscapes together.

For a more laid-back date, the pirate-themed outdoor course at Abbey Hill Golf Centre is a fantastic option. Set in picturesque surroundings, you can enjoy a leisurely game of golf while immersing yourselves in the swashbuckling atmosphere.

Mr Mulligans provides an exciting and affordable activity for couples in Milton Keynes. Challenge each other, laugh, and create unforgettable memories as you navigate through unexpected twists and turns. Whether you’re experienced golfers or complete beginners, this couple-friendly spot offers something for everyone.

2. Indulge in Delightful Dining: Afternoon Tea at French Affaire

For a charming and romantic outing in Milton Keynes, look no further than French Affaire in Stony Stratford. This delightful establishment offers a picturesque setting for couples to indulge in a delightful afternoon tea experience.

Step into French Affaire and be transported to a world of elegance and sophistication. The beautiful interior, adorned with tasteful decor and soft lighting, sets the perfect ambiance for a romantic date. Whether you choose to sit indoors or enjoy your tea in the lovely outdoor seating area, the atmosphere is sure to create a memorable experience.

The menu at French Affaire features a delightful selection of French-inspired savouries, tantalising pastries, and traditional English scones. Treat your taste buds to a variety of finger sandwiches, fluffy scones served with clotted cream and jam, and an array of heavenly pastries and cakes. Pair your tea with a glass of sparkling champagne or opt for a selection of herbal infusions if you prefer a non-alcoholic option.

What makes French Affaire even more special is the meticulous attention to detail in both the presentation and the service. From the elegant table settings to the knowledgeable and friendly staff, every aspect of your afternoon tea experience is carefully curated to ensure your total satisfaction. It’s the perfect setting for a romantic date or special occasion.

If you’d like to enjoy French Affaire’s delightful afternoon tea in the comfort of your own home, they also offer an option to order takeaway. Simply place your order, pick it up, and create a romantic atmosphere in the comfort of your own home with your loved one.

Make your date in Milton Keynes extra special with a romantic afternoon tea at French Affaire. Indulge in delectable treats, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and bask in the romance of the moment.

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If you’re looking for more date ideas in Milton Keynes, continue reading our article for other romantic activities and attractions in the area.

3. Outdoor Adventure: Hire E-scooters

Milton Keynes is the perfect destination for a couple’s outdoor adventure. The city, known for its innovative initiatives, is the first place in the UK to launch a full-scale trial of e-scooters. This exciting development offers active couples a unique and exhilarating experience as they explore Milton Keynes on these trendy electric scooters.

Hiring an e-scooter is quick and convenient thanks to a smartphone app that allows couples to easily locate and rent available scooters. With just a few taps, you and your partner can be on the road, embracing the thrill of a fun scootering date.

There are numerous routes to choose from, allowing couples to tailor their experience to their preferences. For a scenic ride, venture through Campbell Park, a beautiful green space that features stunning artwork and awe-inspiring views. Alternatively, you can take a leisurely trip around Willen Lake, admiring the tranquil surroundings and enjoying the fresh air.

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Embracing the freedom of e-scooters unlocks a whole new level of couple’s experiences in Milton Keynes. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a day out exploring the city, or simply looking for memorable moments together, hiring e-scooters is a fantastic choice for couples who love adventure.

4. Sweet Treats: Dessert Bars in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is home to several dessert bars that offer a wide variety of tempting treats for couples with a sweet tooth. Whether you’re craving decadent desserts, indulgent milkshakes, or creamy ice creams, you’ll find it all in Milton Keynes. Visiting a dessert bar can be a cute and budget-friendly date idea, and it’s the perfect opportunity to satisfy your sweet cravings together.

One popular dessert bar in Milton Keynes is Kaspas, known for their delightful desserts and mouthwatering sundaes. They offer a range of sweet treats, from Belgian waffles to cookie dough creations. Another notable dessert bar is Creams Cafe, where you can enjoy a selection of luxury desserts, such as crepes and hot cookie dough.

Treat Street is also a must-visit dessert bar in Milton Keynes. They specialize in delicious desserts and offer a cozy atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for a romantic date night. Their menu includes a variety of sweet treats, including cakes, pastries, and ice cream sundaes.

For couples who prefer to stay in, many of these dessert bars also offer online ordering options, allowing you to enjoy your favorite desserts in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or a cozy night in, Milton Keynes has the perfect dessert bar for you and your partner to explore.

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5. Tranquil Nature: Milton Keynes Parks

Milton Keynes is famous for its picturesque green spaces and parks, making it an ideal destination for couples seeking a peaceful and romantic outing. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or a cozy picnic, the parks in Milton Keynes offer the perfect backdrop for a memorable date.

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One of the notable parks worth exploring is Lodge Lake, a serene oasis surrounded by stunning scenery. Take a leisurely walk along the lake’s tranquil shores, hand in hand with your loved one, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. The peaceful atmosphere and lush greenery provide an enchanting setting for couples looking to reconnect with one another.

If you’re in search of a more expansive park, Campbell Park is an excellent choice. With its vast open spaces, stunning views, and well-maintained walking trails, this park offers endless opportunities for romantic walks and leisurely conversations. As you meander through its picturesque landscapes, you can enjoy the company of your partner while basking in the tranquility of nature.

6. Discover Loughton Valley Linear Park

Loughton Valley Linear Park is another hidden gem in Milton Keynes, known for its peaceful ambiance and scenic beauty. This park boasts a charming river, enchanting woodlands, and diverse wildlife, making it a paradise for nature lovers. Couples can enjoy a romantic walk hand in hand, exploring the park’s winding trails and immersing themselves in the wonders of the natural environment.

An equally captivating park to visit is Teardrops Lakes, which offers a serene atmosphere and captivating water views. Stroll along the lakeside path, enjoy the calming sound of water, and appreciate the abundant flora and fauna that call this park home. It’s the perfect spot for couples seeking a tranquil escape from the bustling city.

As you explore these couple-friendly spots, don’t forget to marvel at the famous concrete cows, a symbol of Milton Keynes’ artistic and creative spirit, scattered throughout the parks. Capture a romantic photo with these unique sculptures as a cherished memento of your time together.

From engaging in birdwatching to relishing the beauty of nature, Milton Keynes parks offer an array of possibilities for couples to enjoy quality time together. So grab your partner’s hand, step into the tranquility of these green spaces, and create lasting memories amidst the serene beauty of Milton Keynes.


Milton Keynes offers a wide range of activities and attractions for couples to enjoy during a weekend getaway. From fun games of crazy golf at Mr Mulligans to indulging in delightful dining experiences like afternoon tea at French Affaire, there’s something to suit every couple’s preferences.

For adventurous couples, hiring e-scooters to explore the city provides a unique and exhilarating experience. And if you have a sweet tooth, the dessert bars in Milton Keynes, such as Kaspas and Creams Cafe, offer tempting treats for a romantic date.

Exploring the tranquil nature of Milton Keynes’ parks and lakes is another great way for couples to spend quality time together. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll or a picnic surrounded by the beauty of nature, Milton Keynes parks provide a serene and romantic atmosphere.

With its diverse range of attractions and activities, Milton Keynes is the perfect destination for couples looking to create special memories and enjoy a romantic getaway filled with love and adventure.


What are some romantic things to do in Milton Keynes for couples?

Milton Keynes offers a range of romantic activities and attractions for couples to enjoy, including crazy golf, afternoon tea, e-scooter rides, dessert bars, and parks.

Where can we play crazy golf in Milton Keynes?

Mr Mulligans in Milton Keynes offers two crazy golf courses, including an indoor Lost World Golf course and a pirate-themed outdoor course at Abbey Hill Golf Centre.

Where can we enjoy a romantic afternoon tea in Milton Keynes?

French Affaire in Stony Stratford offers a picturesque setting for a romantic afternoon tea with a menu featuring French-inspired savouries and traditional English scones.

Can we hire e-scooters for a fun date in Milton Keynes?

Yes, Milton Keynes is the first place in the UK to launch a full-scale trial of e-scooters. Couples can hire e-scooters through a smartphone app and explore Milton Keynes while enjoying a thrilling scootering date.

Where can we find dessert bars in Milton Keynes?

Milton Keynes is home to several dessert bars, including Kaspas, Creams Cafe, and Treat Street, offering a wide range of tempting treats for couples with a sweet tooth.

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