Who is Adele Dating? | Singer’s Latest Relationship!

Adele’s dating life has been a topic of curiosity among fans and the media. The Grammy-winning singer has captured hearts with her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, but who is Adele dating? The latest love interest in Adele’s life is Rich Paul, a prominent sports agent.

Adele and Rich Paul’s relationship began in 2021, and it has been going strong ever since. The couple first went public with their romance nearly two years ago and has since been spotted together at various public outings and events. Their connection blossomed after they met at a mutual friend’s birthday party, where they quickly hit it off.

Unlike her previous relationship with Simon Konecki, Adele has chosen to keep her relationship with Rich mostly private. However, they have made public appearances together at NBA games and have been seen enjoying intimate date nights. Adele’s love for Rich is evident as she has referred to him as her “husband” in interviews and on social media, igniting speculation about their marital status.

While Adele and Rich have not explicitly confirmed whether they are married or engaged, their relationship appears to be serious and long-lasting. They share a deep bond and have been supportive of each other’s endeavors, both personally and professionally. As Adele continues to captivate the world with her music, fans eagerly await more glimpses into her love life and the future of her relationship with Rich Paul.

Who is Adele Dating?

Adele and Rich Paul’s Relationship Highlights

Adele and Rich Paul’s relationship has been filled with memorable moments since they started dating. From public appearances to heartfelt gestures, their love story has captured the attention of fans and media alike.

One notable highlight occurred in April 2024 when the couple attended an NBA game between the Lakers and the Nuggets. Sitting courtside, they enjoyed a romantic date night, showcasing their affection for each other in front of a captivated audience.

In December 2023, Adele shared her emotional connection with Rich’s memoir, expressing how deeply moved she was by his words. She also revealed that airplanes always play her music, a unique experience that highlights their special bond.

Addressing marriage rumors in October 2023, Rich expressed his happiness in the relationship, affirming the strength of their commitment. The couple’s devotion to each other has fueled speculation about a potential marriage in the future.

During her Las Vegas residency in September 2023, Adele sparked further marriage speculation by referring to Rich as her husband. This comment intensified curiosity among fans, wondering if the couple had taken their relationship to the next level.

Adele has expressed her desire to expand their family, as she revealed in August 2023. Her openness about wanting more children indicates a shared vision for the future and a deep commitment to their relationship.

In December 2022, Adele serenaded Rich on his birthday during one of her Las Vegas concerts. This romantic gesture showcased their love and affection publicly and solidified their bond on a special occasion.

These relationship highlights provide glimpses into the depth of Adele and Rich Paul’s connection. With their shared experiences and aspirations, it’s clear that their love story is one to watch.

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Who is Adele’s Previous Husband?

Adele’s previous husband is Simon Konecki. They were married for more than six years before their divorce in 2019. Simon Konecki is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Life Water and the charity organization Drop4Drop. The couple shares a son named Angelo, who was born in 2012.

Adele has mentioned that her divorce from Simon Konecki inspired her 2021 album “30,” which explores themes of heartbreak and healing. While their marriage ended, Adele has spoken positively about their co-parenting relationship and has expressed her gratitude for the stability it provides for her music and personal life.

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Adele’s divorce from Simon Konecki marked a significant chapter in her personal journey. The emotional experiences and challenges she faced during the dissolution of their marriage influenced her creative process and the heartfelt songs she wrote for her album “30”. Through her music, Adele touches upon themes of heartbreak and healing, allowing listeners to relate to her raw and authentic storytelling.

Despite the end of their marriage, Adele has found a way to maintain a positive co-parenting relationship with Simon Konecki, putting their son’s well-being first. Their commitment to creating a stable and nurturing environment for their child has been a source of strength and gratitude for Adele.

While her previous marriage may have come to a close, the impact of that relationship on Adele’s personal growth and artistic expression is undeniable. It has shaped her into the resilient and introspective artist we know today.

Adele and Rich Paul: Engagements and Marriage Speculation

Adele and Rich Paul’s romantic journey has been rife with engagement and marriage rumors. In September 2021, during a conversation with a fan at her Las Vegas residency, Adele referred to Rich as her husband, igniting speculation that they had secretly tied the knot. This statement sent fans into a frenzy, prompting discussions and further fueling the public’s curiosity about their relationship status.

In February 2022, all eyes were on Adele as she attended the prestigious BRIT Awards wearing a dazzling diamond ring. The sight of the ring on her finger ignited even more speculation, with many speculating that it could be an engagement ring.

Despite these tantalizing hints, neither Adele nor Rich has confirmed whether they are engaged or officially married. They have chosen to keep the details of their relationship close to their hearts, limiting public knowledge about their current status.

During interviews, both Adele and Rich have expressed their deep love and commitment to each other, emphasizing the strength of their connection. However, they have decided to maintain a level of privacy, opting not to disclose any further information about potential engagements or weddings.

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It remains unclear if and when Adele and Rich will choose to share any exciting news regarding their engagement or wedding. Until then, fans eagerly anticipate any updates that could shed light on the beautiful future they are building together.

Adele and Rich Paul: Love and Romance

Adele and Rich Paul’s relationship has been filled with love and romance, captivating fans and the media alike. Adele has openly expressed her deep affection and appreciation for Rich, referring to him as her “obsession” in interviews. Their love story has been a topic of interest, with rumors and speculation swirling around their dating life.

Rich Paul has been a steadfast supporter of Adele’s career, often seen by her side at events and performances. Their public displays of affection, from holding hands to cuddling, have not gone unnoticed, igniting further interest in their celebrity romance.

While Adele and Rich have chosen to keep their relationship private, their interactions and the way they speak about each other speak volumes about the love and romance they share. Their chemistry is palpable, and their connection is evident in their interactions, both in public and private settings.

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Adele’s Future Plans and Relationship Outlook

Adele has expressed her desire for more children in interviews and during her Las Vegas residency shows. She has mentioned wanting to expand her family and has even started making a list of baby names. While the couple has not made any official announcements about their plans for marriage or children, Adele has spoken positively about her relationship with Rich and the stability it brings to her life. She has described him as someone who supports her and with whom she can see a future. Adele’s outlook on her relationship and her plans for the future suggest that she is hopeful and excited about what lies ahead.

Adele is known for her honesty and heartfelt lyrics, and her future plans reflect her genuine and passionate nature. As she continues to evolve as an artist and explore new musical territories, her relationship with Rich Paul remains an important aspect of her life. The love and stability they share provide a solid foundation for Adele to pursue her dreams and goals.

Despite the media scrutiny and public interest in their relationship, Adele and Rich have managed to keep their private life private. They value their privacy and choose to keep the details of their relationship away from the spotlight. This allows them to focus on building a strong and lasting partnership without the pressure of external expectations.

As Adele looks forward to the future, her fans eagerly anticipate her next musical project and the insights it may provide into her personal life. Whether she decides to expand her family, focus on her music, or embark on new adventures, one thing is certain – Adele will continue to captivate audiences with her powerful voice, relatable lyrics, and authentic storytelling.


Adele’s relationship with Rich Paul has been the subject of much speculation and interest, ever since they went public with their romance. They have shared special moments together, attended NBA games, and have been each other’s biggest supporters in their respective careers. Adele and Rich have openly expressed their love and commitment to one another, which has fueled engagement and marriage rumors.

Although the details of their relationship remain private, it is clear that Adele and Rich share a strong bond and have a shared vision for their future. As Adele continues to navigate her music career and personal life, fans will undoubtedly be eager for more insights into her love life and relationship status. With her talent and success, it is no surprise that Adele’s current relationship and love life continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

Whether it’s Adele dating speculation, her current relationship with Rich Paul, or her overall love life, one thing is certain – Adele’s journey is an inspiring example of finding love and happiness amidst the challenges of fame. As fans eagerly await further developments, Adele’s ability to balance her personal and professional life serves as a reminder that love can thrive when nurtured with care and privacy.


What is the nature of Adele and Rich Paul’s relationship?

Adele and Rich Paul’s relationship is romantic and characterized by love and support.

Who was Adele married to before Rich Paul?

Adele was previously married to Simon Konecki.

What is the relationship between Adele and Simon Konecki?

Adele and Simon Konecki divorced in 2019 but maintain a positive co-parenting relationship.

Are Adele and Rich Paul engaged or married?

Adele and Rich Paul have not confirmed whether they are engaged or married.

Have there been any rumors or speculation about Adele’s engagement or marriage?

Yes, there have been rumors and speculation, particularly after Adele referred to Rich as her “husband” during a conversation with a fan and when she wore a diamond ring to an awards show.

What is the nature of Adele and Rich Paul’s relationship?

Adele and Rich Paul’s relationship is characterized by love, romance, and public displays of affection.

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