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Calvin Harris, the famed Scottish DJ and record producer, is currently romantically linked with Vick Hope. The couple’s unique love story, extending over nearly two decades, is captivating fans and followers. It all began with a lighthearted rejection back in 2007 when Vick turned down Calvin’s initial date invitation. Nonetheless, fate brought them together again, leading to a public confirmation of their romance in 2022. Despite being a globally recognised figure, Calvin and Vick have actively chosen to maintain their privacy. They are rumoured to have wed in a secretive ceremony in northeast England in September 2023. Lets dive deep into who is Calvin Harris dating now?

Overview to Calvin Harris’s Love Life

Calvin Harris, whose birth name is Adam Richard Wiles, has captivated the music world with his exceptional talent. However, his personal life, particularly his romantic endeavours, has equally intrigued fans and media alike. Calvin Harris’s love life has been a focal point of various relationship news. From his publicised romances to his preference for privacy, there has always been speculation on who is Calvin Harris dating.

Calvin Harris love life

Throughout his career, Calvin Harris has been linked with several high-profile celebrities, making headlines with each relationship. Despite this, he consistently opts to keep his personal matters under wraps, fuelling public curiosity and further intensifying the buzz around his relationships. This predilection for privacy is a consistent theme in the relationship news Calvin Harris generates.

The narrative surrounding Calvin Harris’s love life is a testament to how a celebrity’s personal choices can both attract and balance public interest. With each turning point in his romantic journey, fans are eager to know who is Calvin Harris dating, reminding us of the enduring allure of his private life. As we delve further, we will explore how past relationships have shaped the current chapter of his love story.

Who Is Calvin Harris Dating Now?

Calvin Harris, the renowned Scottish DJ and record producer, is currently dating Vick Hope. Vick Hope, a well-known British TV and radio presenter, has been identified as the Calvin Harris girlfriend, showcasing their romantic connection.

Calvin Harris and Vick Hope

Vick Hope: The Current Partner

The answer to the popular query, “who is Calvin Harris dating?” leads us to Vick Hope. Their relationship became a topic of interest when Vick Hope was seen sporting a diamond ring in May 2022, which spurred engagement rumours. Despite their public status, the couple prioritises privacy, choosing not to divulge personal details on social media. In fiercely protecting their low profile, they underscore the value of their private life over public attention.

The Romantic Proposal

The engagement of Calvin Harris and Vick Hope took the media by surprise, as they had managed to keep such a pivotal moment private. It is widely believed that Calvin Harris’s romantic proposal to Hope was done away from the public eye, staying true to their preference for intimacy. The couple’s wedding, reportedly occurring in September 2023, marked another milestone in their relationship, yet was kept as private as their engagement. This illustrates Harris and Hope’s approach to keeping their most cherished moments secluded from the public gaze.

Past Relationships of Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris has had a vibrant dating history and his past girlfriends have often been in the spotlight. Before meeting Vick Hope, Harris’s relationships with various notable figures captivated fans and tabloids alike. Let’s delve into some of his most talked-about relationships with Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora, and Taylor Swift.

Ellie Goulding

One of the notable names in Calvin Harris’s dating history is British singer Ellie Goulding. Although they had a short-lived relationship, their collaboration on the hit song “I Need Your Love” sparked media speculation. Their fleeting romance added an interesting chapter to Harris’s life, even though it eventually fizzled out.

Rita Ora

Another prominent figure in Calvin Harris’s dating history is British singer Rita Ora. Their relationship was widely publicised and the duo was often seen together at high-profile events. However, their romance came to an end in 2014 amid much media attention, making it one of the more memorable break-ups for Calvin Harris’s past girlfriends.

Taylor Swift

The most high-profile relationship in Calvin Harris’s dating history was undoubtedly with American pop sensation Taylor Swift. The couple’s romance began in February 2015 and was extensively covered by the media. Fans closely followed the lives of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift until their highly publicised break-up in June 2016. This relationship remains one of the most discussed in Harris’s romantic timeline.

Inside Calvin Harris and Vick Hope’s Relationship

The Calvin Harris and Vick Hope relationship is defined by their deliberate efforts to maintain a balance between public life and private moments. This high-profile couple prefers to keep their personal life under wraps, choosing to share only the occasional glimpse into their world.

Privacy and Balance

Calvin Harris’s private life alongside Vick Hope is a testament to their shared commitment to privacy. Despite their fame, they consciously avoid overexposing their relationships, using social media sparingly to share their adventures. Their sporadic posts, featuring trips to Ibiza and other cherished moments, offer fans a peek into their otherwise guarded lives.

Calvin Harris and Vick Hope relationship

Maintaining this balance allows Calvin Harris and Vick Hope to enjoy their “real life” away from the spotlight, ensuring that their relationship thrives on genuine connection rather than public attention. This approach to Calvin Harris’s private life has been a consistent theme, helping them preserve the intimacy and authenticity that anchors their love.


Calvin Harris’s love story with Vick Hope stands as a testament to their ability to balance public attention with personal privacy. Over the years, Harris’s romantic life has been a focal point of media interest, leading to intense scrutiny and speculation. However, his current relationship with Hope signals a shift towards a more private and stable personal life. By keeping their relationship details behind closed doors, they have nurtured a genuine, loving bond away from prying eyes.

The decision to withhold intimate aspects of their life highlights a mutual respect for privacy and a desire to maintain normalcy despite their high-profile careers. This approach allows Calvin Harris and Vick Hope to focus on their shared experiences, fostering a healthy, discreet relationship. Their union serves as an idyllic model for navigating love under the limelight while prioritising personal happiness and respect.

In conclusion, the Calvin Harris love story with Vick Hope exemplifies a modern romance that gracefully balances public personas with private affection. Their relationship, characterised by mutual support and understanding, affirms their commitment to each other. As they continue to grow together, their journey reminds us of the timeless value of keeping one’s personal life away from the constant gaze of the public eye.


Who is Calvin Harris currently dating?

Calvin Harris is currently dating British TV and radio presenter Vick Hope. The couple confirmed their relationship in 2022 and are rumoured to have had a private ceremony in September 2023.

What is known about Calvin Harris and Vick Hope’s relationship?

Calvin Harris and Vick Hope’s relationship prioritises privacy and balance. They rarely share details on social media, focusing on maintaining their private life away from the public eye. They reportedly became engaged in 2022 before marrying in September 2023.

How did Calvin Harris and Vick Hope meet?

Their love story began nearly two decades ago when Hope turned down Harris’s initial date invitation in 2007. Their paths crossed again, leading to a confirmed romance in 2022.

What is the history of Calvin Harris’s past relationships?

Calvin Harris has dated several notable figures in the entertainment industry, including Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora, and Taylor Swift. His relationships, especially with Swift, garnered considerable media attention.

How does Calvin Harris handle his romantic life in the public eye?

Calvin Harris prefers to keep his romantic life private, which has often piqued public curiosity. He and his current partner, Vick Hope, have chosen to share minimal details about their relationship, focusing on enjoying their personal moments away from the spotlight.

When did Calvin Harris and Vick Hope get engaged?

Vick Hope was seen wearing a diamond ring, sparking engagement rumours, in May 2022. They reportedly became engaged in the same year.

Did Calvin Harris and Vick Hope have a public wedding?

No, Calvin Harris and Vick Hope opted for a private ceremony in northeast England in September 2023.

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