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Denise Van Outen, the beloved TV personality and who is Denise Van Outen dating now?. She has recently ended her relationship with property developer Jimmy Barba. Their romance lasted for 18 months, and they became Instagram official last summer, much to the delight of their fans. Despite their breakup, this amicable split sees both still maintaining contact with each other’s families and children.

The beginning of this chapter in Denise Van Outen’s love life emerged following her split from Eddie Boxshall. The pair have emphasised their decision to remain friends, showing maturity and respect as they part ways. As the spotlight on Denise’s romance with Jimmy Barba dims, questions arise about who Denise Van Outen is dating next. With her engaging personality and successful career, her followers are keen to see what’s next in her romantic journey as we head into 2024.

Denise Van Outen’s Recent Break-Up with Jimmy Barba

The news of Denise Van Outen’s break-up with Jimmy Barba took fans by surprise, considering the couple’s strong social media presence. Known for their affectionate posts and happy snapshots, the announcement marked an unexpected turn in Denise’s love life.

denise van outen Jimmy Barba

The Announcement

Denise Van Outen publicly addressed their split, stressing that the relationship had run its natural course. Post break-up, she conveyed her appreciation for Jimmy and their time together, assuring fans that they would remain friends. This separation follows her previous high-profile split with Eddie Boxshall.

Social Media Reactions

The couple’s previous lively presence on social media left fans heartbroken at the news. Yet, both Denise and Jimmy opted to keep their affectionate posts online as a testament to their amicable parting. This decision highlights their mutual respect and the authenticity of their shared experiences.

Remaining Friends

Despite the end of their romance, Denise Van Outen and Jimmy Barba have maintained a friendly relationship. Denise emphasised that their bond has evolved from partners to friends, much to the relief of their followers. This mature approach is particularly noteworthy given the public nature of Denise Van Outen’s significant others and her experiences in the dating world.

Who Is Denise Van Outen Dating?

Denise Van Outen has been in the spotlight regarding her love life, especially with her recent relationship with Jimmy Barba. This section delves into who Jimmy Barba is, how they met, and their public appearances together.

Jimmy Barba, a property developer, gained significant attention when he began dating Denise Van Outen. Known for his career in property development, Jimmy brought a fresh chapter in Denise’s romantic life following her high-profile relationships in the past.

How They Met?

The remarkable story of how they met traces back to their mutual friend, Shaznay Lewis of All Saints fame. It was through this connection that Denise met Jimmy, and their relationship quickly blossomed. The couple’s chemistry was evident, and they were soon seen enjoying various high-profile events together.

Public Appearances

During their 18-month romance, Denise Van Outen and her boyfriend Jimmy Barba made several notable public appearances. Their debut at the Grand Prix Ball marked the beginning of many public sightings. They also attended the opening of a new restaurant in Dublin, showcasing their strong bond in public.

who is denise van outen dating

The couple’s holiday in Marbella added to their list of memorable outings, where they were often seen enjoying each other’s company. These public appearances not only highlighted their relationship but also provided fans with a glimpse into their shared moments.

Denise Van Outen’s Previous Relationships

Denise Van Outen’s love life has often been in the public eye, marked by a series of notable relationships. These relationships span across different eras of her life, giving a glimpse into the romantic journey of the beloved TV personality.

denise van outen previous relationships

Eddie Boxshall

The longest of Denise Van Outen’s previous relationships was with commodities trader Eddie Boxshall. Their seven-year-long partnership was highly public, drawing significant media attention. The romance came to a dramatic end due to revelations of Eddie’s infidelity, leading to a very public split. Despite the heartbreak, this chapter in Denise Van Outen’s love life has shaped much of her recent narrative.

Lee Mead

Before Eddie, Denise Van Outen found love with actor and singer Lee Mead. The pair met in a captivatingly romantic scenario, leading to a marriage that blessed them with a daughter. Though their union ended amicably in 2013, their story continues to be a significant part of Denise Van Outen’s previous relationships. Lee Mead remains a beloved figure in her life, especially through their shared role as parents.

Other Notable Exes

Among Denise Van Outen’s other notable exes are several prominent names in the entertainment world. She was once linked to Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay, actor Nick Moran, and nightclub owner Richard Traviss. Each of these relationships contributed to the intricate tapestry of Denise Van Outen’s love life, reflecting her vibrant and eventful romantic journey.

Denise Van Outen’s Love Life Updates

Since the split with Jimmy Barba, updates on Denise Van Outen’s love life have been of keen interest to her followers. Friends of Denise previously believed Jimmy could have been ‘the one’, with speculation of a potential engagement. With an amicable parting of ways, it seems Denise’s love life might be open to future possibilities while she continues to manage her successful career in television and entertainment.

denise van outen love life developments

As rumours swirl about Denise Van Outen’s latest relationship, her fans are eagerly waiting for the next big update. Denise van Outen relationship updates often make headlines, reflecting the public’s immense interest in her personal life. Despite the recent break-up, Denise remains optimistic and focused on her thriving career.

Regarding her professional achievements, Denise Van Outen has shown resilience and determination. Her approach toward her love life developments suggests that she is open to new experiences but is also prioritising her personal well-being and career. This mindset has earned her admiration from fans and peers alike.


Denise Van Outen’s dating news continues to captivate fans as she navigates the complexities of her personal life while maintaining her renowned television career. Her recent relationship conclusion with Jimmy Barba has sparked a whirlwind of attention, particularly as the pair decided to part ways amicably. This split follows a pattern in Denise’s love life, marked by high-profile relationships that, despite their endings, reflect her resilience and grace.

Remaining positive amidst the changes, Denise has shown that her current love life status will not deter her from her professional and personal aspirations. From her past bond with Eddie Boxshall and her marriage to Lee Mead to her romance with Jimmy Barba, each relationship has shaped her journey. This offers a glimpse into how Denise balances her private and public lives, all while engaging her audience with genuine openness.

In conclusion, Denise Van Outen’s evolving love life and dating news demonstrate her unwavering commitment to both self-growth and career excellence. As she moves forward, the public’s interest in her endeavors, romantic or otherwise, remains keen. Denise’s future certainly holds much promise, with her optimistic outlook ensuring she remains a beloved figure in the UK entertainment landscape.


Who is Denise Van Outen dating?

Denise Van Outen recently parted ways with Jimmy Barba after an 18-month relationship. As of 2024, she appears to be focusing on her career and personal well-being.

What happened to Denise Van Outen and Jimmy Barba?

Denise Van Outen and Jimmy Barba decided to part ways amicably after an 18-month relationship. They have chosen to remain friends and are still in touch with each other’s families.

How did Denise Van Outen announce her break-up with Jimmy Barba?

Denise Van Outen publicly addressed the end of her romance with Jimmy Barba, emphasising their commitment to remaining friends and that their relationship had run its natural course.

How did fans react to Denise Van Outen and Jimmy Barba’s split?

The announcement of their break-up came as a surprise to many fans, given their vibrant social media presence as a couple. Despite the split, their affectionate posts remain visible, signalling a friendly separation.

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