Who is Dove Cameron Dating? | Relationship Status!

Are you curious to know about who is Dove Cameron dating now? Dove Cameron, known for acting and singing, is often in the spotlight because of her work and love life. Many fans want to know who her current boyfriend is. We will look into her dating world and her boyfriend.

Dove Cameron and Damiano David, Måneskin’s frontman, started dating in autumn 2023. Their relationship became official in February 2024 with a public date. Since then, they’ve been seen expressing their love at various public events.

Previously, Cameron was with her Descendants co-star, Thomas Doherty. They dated for three years but ended things in December 2020. Now, Cameron has found new love with David.

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Exploring Dove Cameron’s Track Record in Romance

Dove Cameron is famous for being talented and beautiful. Her romantic journey has been quite interesting. Over the years, she has dated a few well-known people. Let’s take a closer look at her past relationships.

dove cameron romance

She is currently dating Damiano David. Before this, she was in a relationship with Thomas Doherty from her movie Descendants. Their on-screen chemistry turned into a real off-screen relationship. They were together for three years. Their break-up in December 2020 was significant for Cameron.

Cameron also dated Ryan McCartan from Liv and Maddie. She was seen with musician Alexander 23 in her music video. This sparked interest and rumours.

Dove is open about her love life and who she is. She openly talks about being ‘super queer’. This part of her life is very important to her. She wants to show her true self through her music and everything she does.

Every relationship helps Cameron grow and learn more about herself. Love is a key part of her personal growth and journey in life.

Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan: Disney Romance Turns Sour

Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan, known Disney stars, dated for four years. They met on the Liv and Maddie set. In April 2016, they got engaged but broke up in October. The reasons for their split remain private, but they’ve both moved on.

dove cameron and ryan mccartan

At first, things seemed perfect for Dove and Ryan. Their journey went from announcing engagement to a sudden break-up. Their split surprised and saddened their fans.

Love blossomed on Liv and Maddie, charming viewers with a special spark. Their engagement in April 2016 excited everyone. Sadly, things changed not long after, without a clear reason.

The break-up was hard on them, just like in any relationship. Dove and Ryan have focused on their separate careers since. Their love saga didn’t end well, but it’s part of their life stories now.

Even in Disney’s shiny world, love can face challenges. Dove and Ryan’s story shows real struggles in the limelight. They tried to balance their relationship with their careers but it was tough.

Now, both Dove and Ryan are doing well career-wise. Their Disney love story ended badly, but they’re making the best of their futures. Success came for them separately after all.

The Co-Star Connection: Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty

Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty fell in love while filming Descendants for Disney Channel. Their roles as romantic leads let their real affinity shine. Soon after, in 2017, they became an adored couple.

Cameron and Doherty’s relationship was a source of joy for many. They often shared sweet moments on social media. And their support for each other was always clear, showing a strong, real bond.

dove cameron and thomas doherty

In late 2020, they chose to go separate ways. But, unlike many star couples, they stayed close friends. Their respect for one another shines through, touching the hearts of fans.

The love they found through Descendants will always be part of their stories. Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty’s bond, both on set and after, is a precious memory.

Dove Cameron’s Self-Discovery and Bisexuality

In May 2021, Dove Cameron shared something personal with the world. She told everyone that she’s “super queer.” She had felt like this for a long time but didn’t feel ready to talk about it. Finally, she decided to be true to herself.

She wanted her music to mirror her identity truly. Dove saw her coming out as a mix of her music journey. It added a whole new depth to her as a person, this journey of self-discovery.

dove cameron bisexual

Many people, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community, found hope in Cameron’s story. This is because she was so honest and real with everyone. She made it easier for others to accept themselves for who they are. By sharing her own story, she’s offered support and understanding. Cameron shows through her actions how one can turn personal struggles into something positive.

Who is Dove Cameron Dating: Current Relationship Status

dove cameron current boyfriend

Dove Cameron is in a happy relationship with Damiano David. He leads Måneskin. They started dating in 2023 and show up together at big events. In February 2024, they announced their love, exciting many.

They shone at the Met Gala in May. Everyone noticed their style and closeness. This event marked a special part of their journey.

The couple often shares sweet moments online. They show how happy they are. People see their story as a sign that real love is out there.

The Flourishing Solo Life of Dove Cameron Post-Breakup

After splitting with Thomas Doherty, Dove Cameron focused on her music career. She shared her amazing skills with fans, overcoming her romantic loss. Her passion for singing reached new heights.

In 2018, she wowed everyone in “Clueless: The Musical” Off-Broadway. Critics and fans praised her outstanding singing and stage presence.

Cameron also starred in TV shows and movies. Her talent and charm on-screen showed her as a diverse artist.

Moving on from the breakup was hard, but she stayed committed to music. She released new songs that showed her growth. Fans were touched by her honest lyrics and powerful voice.

Her solo path shows her strength and determination in the music scene. She’s using her freedom to make songs that touch people’s hearts worldwide.

Dove Cameron’s Professed Queerness Life and Love

Dove Cameron, the famed actress, is known for championing her queerness. She uses her voice for the LGBTQ+ community on her growing platform. Cameron promotes inclusion and acceptance wherever she goes.

Both in her music and personal life, Cameron stays true to herself. She openly shares her journey towards self-acceptance. Her story inspires others to do the same, without fear of being judged.

Cameron’s approach to love is open and adventurous. She believes in the power of strong bonds and the growth love can bring. Her personal life reflects her deep understanding of what love truly means.

Her life shows how strong one can be against society’s norms. She confronts these norms with courage, proud of her queerness. Cameron teaches others to embrace their true self with pride.

The Spotlight on Dove Cameron and Damiano David’s Budding Romance

Since February 2024, Dove Cameron and Damiano David’s relationship has been in the spotlight. Their growing love has drawn fans and media attention. Every step they take is closely followed.

Cameron and David often show up at events together since confirming their love. They appear on red carpets hand in hand. People often remark on their strong bond and obvious affection.

The couple has a lot of cheering from fans. Many people are happy for them and admire their love. People are also interested in the life of Cameron and David’s work as a musician in a band.

Cameron and David are keeping their love strong in the public eye. Their story brings happiness to those who follow them. As their love story unfolds, fans await their future with excitement. They can’t wait to see what comes next for this couple.


Dove Cameron’s love life has captivated many fans. Her relationships, like with Thomas Doherty, and her current love with Damiano David, have been open stories. Cameron has shared her journey to finding herself and embracing her queerness.

She’s faced the challenges and joys of love but stayed true to her personal growth. She uses her fame to show her real self, encouraging others to do so.

Cameron’s journey led to finding love and her true self. She’s now a guide for those exploring their identities. Her honest embrace of queerness has made her a role model for many, seeking acceptance and representation.


Who is Dove Cameron currently dating?

Dove Cameron and Damiano David are dating. He is the frontman of Måneskin.

What is Dove Cameron’s relationship status?

She is in a committed relationship with Damiano David.

Who was Dove Cameron’s previous boyfriend?

Her previous boyfriend was Thomas Doherty. He co-starred with her in Descendants.

Did Dove Cameron date her Liv and Maddie co-star Ryan McCartan?

Yes, she did. Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan dated. They were both in Liv and Maddie.

How long did Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty date?

They dated each other for three years.

Is Dove Cameron bisexual?

Dove Cameron has called herself super queer. She’s open about being bisexual.

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