Who is Gemma Collins Dating? | A Closer Look at Her Love Interest!

Are you curious to know about who is Gemma Collins dating now? Gemma Collins is famous for her time on TV, but her love life is also thrilling. We’ll check out her dating past and see who she’s with now. From old romances to her current fiancé, we’ll cover it all.

The Rocky Road to Romance: Gemma Collins’ Dating Timeline

Gemma Collins is well-known from TV and her love life has been a rollercoaster. She’s dated co-stars from “The Only Way Is Essex” (TOWIE) and had interesting times on “Celebs Go Dating.” Let’s explore the highs and lows of her romantic journey.

Past Flames: From TOWIE Co-Stars to Celebs Go Dating

Looking for love, Gemma dated TOWIE guys like James Argent and Charlie King. Dating in the same industry brought its own set of problems. Gemma’s dating experiences as a public figure give us a view into love in the world of reality TV.

James Argent: An On-and-Off Relationship that Captivated Fans

Gemma and James Argent’s relationship kept everyone hooked. Their on-and-off story was full of surprises. From romance to big fights, their relationship had its exciting moments.

Stephen Mortimer and Laurence Hearn: Brief Encounters

On “Celebs Go Dating,” Gemma met Stephen Mortimer and Laurence Hearn. These short experiences highlighted the difficulties of dating on a reality show. Gemma learned a lot about finding true love in the spotlight from dating Stephen and Laurence.

Gemma’s Current Love: Engaged to Rami Hawash

Gemma Collins and Rami Hawash are now engaged. Their story is full of laughter, joy, and a strong bond. It’s truly inspiring.

They first met at a friend’s party. When they locked eyes, there was an instant connection. Talking was easy, and they found they had a lot in common.

Rami’s caring nature and love for Gemma quickly won her heart. They soon became an official couple, celebrating their love.

Since becoming a pair, they’ve been by each other’s side. They support and encourage one another. Together, they make unforgettable memories.

They have big dreams for the future. Travelling, owning a home, and sharing everyday joys are what they’re looking forward to. Their aim is to build a life of love and adventure together.

Being engaged brings them great joy. It’s a symbol of their deep love. They’re excited to start this new chapter of their lives, as a joined force.

Gemma Collins engaged

The Proposal: Rami’s Romantic Gesture in the Maldives

Rami Hawash’s proposal was unforgettable for both him and Gemma Collins. Imagine the Maldives’ beauty, white sandy beaches, and clear waters. It was in this perfect scene that Rami asked Gemma to marry him.

With the sun setting, everything turned golden. Rami led Gemma to a beach spot full of lights. It felt magical, filled with love and romance for the two of them.

gemma collins engagement

Their hearts beat as one. Rami knelt before Gemma, a ring in hand. As he spoke his love, time stood still. The world faded away, leaving only their shared moment.

Gemma was overjoyed, saying “yes” immediately. Tears of happiness flowed. They hugged, celebrating this new chapter of their love.

This proposal in the Maldives changed Gemma and Rami’s lives. It’s a memory they’ll always cherish. A sign of their deep love and the future together.

Who is Gemma Collins Dating: The Future for Gemma and Rami

Gemma Collins and Rami Hawash are head over heels in love. They see a bright future together. They dream of getting married and starting a family.

Wedding Bells on the Horizon: Planning for the Big Day

Gemma and Rami are planning a magical wedding. Every detail, from the venue to the guest list, matters to them. They look forward to sharing their special day with everyone.

gemma collins wedding plans

Expanding the Family: Gemma as a Stepmother and Future Motherhood

For Gemma, loving Rami also means loving his son, Tristian. She’s happy to be a part of his life. They also hope to have children of their own. Gemma can’t wait for the chance to be a mum.

Gemma is thrilled about what’s to come with Rami. They’re planning a wedding and looking forward to having a family. Gemma’s journey with Rami brings her endless happiness.


In summary, Gemma Collins has had an interesting love life. She’s had her ups and downs but is happy with Rami Hawash now. We’ve talked about her past relationships, her experiences, and what she’s planning for the future. Gemma has dated people from TOWIE and even went on Celebs Go Dating. Each relationship taught her something and helped her grow. They were all part of her romantic story.

Now, Gemma is excited about her future with Rami. They’re engaged and planning their wedding. Gemma also loves being a stepmum and is thinking about having kids of her own. Gemma’s journey to find love has been full of surprises. It wasn’t always easy, but she never gave up. Her story is inspiring, showing us the importance of love and happiness in our lives.


Who is Gemma Collins currently dating?

Gemma Collins is engaged to marry Rami Hawash now.

What is Gemma Collins’ dating history?

She has been romantically connected with people on “The Only Way Is Essex” (TOWIE). This includes James Argent and Charlie King. She also dated Stephen Mortimer and Laurence Hearn briefly when on “Celebs Go Dating.”

How did Gemma Collins and Rami Hawash meet?

We don’t know exactly how Gemma met Rami Hawash.

When did Rami Hawash propose to Gemma Collins?

Rami Hawash asked Gemma to marry him during a beautiful time in the Maldives.

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