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Lexi Rivera, the multifaceted American figure recognized for her YouTube vlogs, acting endeavors, and impact on social media, is presently romantically involved with Andrew Davila. Their relationship, which commenced in 2021, was publicly revealed through a YouTube video titled “My Ex Meets My New Boyfriend.” Through this video, Lexi and Andrew openly discussed their romantic bond, officially confirming their status as a couple. Subsequently, they have consistently offered glimpses into their relationship on various social media platforms, garnering attention and support from their dedicated fan base. In this article, we will discover who is Lexi Rivera dating?

Lexi Rivera’s Background and Rise to Fame

Lexi Rivera, born on June 7, 2001, in Huntington Beach, California, is the younger sibling of social media influencer, YouTuber, actor, and singer Brent Rivera. Initially, she gained recognition through collaborations and appearances on her brother’s YouTube channel, where she showcased her talent and charisma. Determined to carve out her own path, Lexi launched her personal YouTube channel, captivating viewers with her gymnastic skills and diverse content.

Lexi’s YouTube channel quickly gained traction, attracting a dedicated following who were enamored by her entertaining videos and funny antics. With a penchant for comedy, Lexi also found success on Instagram and TikTok, where her infectious personality and engaging content resonated with audiences.

Aside from her social media presence, Lexi has also delved into the world of acting. She made her debut in the YouTube series “Brobot,” starring alongside her brother, Brent Rivera. This foray into acting showcased Lexi’s versatility and further solidified her status as a rising star.

Through her hard work, talent, and dedication, Lexi Rivera has established herself as an influential figure in the digital space, captivating audiences with her gymnastics, comedic flair, and captivating content.

Lexi Rivera's Rise to Fame Image

  • Lexi Rivera has gained fame through collaborations with her brother, Brent Rivera, on YouTube.
  • She launched her personal YouTube channel, showcasing her impressive gymnastic skills.
  • Lexi’s comedic flair and engaging content have attracted a significant following on Instagram and TikTok.
  • She made her acting debut in the YouTube series “Brobot,” alongside her brother, Brent Rivera.

Who is Andrew Davila?

Andrew Davila is a Mexican-American social media personality, YouTuber, TikToker, and Instagram sensation. Born and raised in Texas, USA, Andrew gained prominence in 2016 through his captivating charisma displayed on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Andrew has successfully cultivated a dedicated fan base with his engaging online presence.

As a valued member of the YouTube group, AMP World, Andrew has collaborated with fellow content creators, contributing to his growing popularity. He has also established himself as a prominent figure on TikTok, amassing a significant following for his entertaining and creative content.

Andrew’s online ventures have been rewarding, as he has accumulated an impressive net worth of £2.8 million. This financial success reflects his ability to leverage his online platforms and engage with his audience effectively.

Andrew Davila

Andrew Davila’s Spanish heritage adds a unique dimension to his content, allowing him to connect with a diverse audience. By embracing his cultural background, Andrew stands out among his peers and further solidifies his appeal in the social media realm.

Lexi Rivera’s Previous Relationship with Ben Azelart

Before her current relationship with Andrew Davila, Lexi Rivera was romantically involved with YouTuber Ben Azelart. Their relationship, which lasted from 2018 until November 2020, was prominently featured on their respective social media platforms and often showcased in videos on her brother Brent Rivera’s channel.

Lexi and Ben’s connection garnered significant attention from their dedicated fan base, who eagerly followed their journey as a couple. From adorable couple vlogs to fun social media challenges, they shared glimpses of their relationship, allowing fans to feel connected and invested.

However, in an emotional video titled “We Broke Up,” Lexi and Ben announced their mutual decision to separate. They acknowledged that while they had a unique bond off-camera, they ultimately determined that remaining friends would be the best course of action.

Their breakup received considerable attention and sparked conversations among fans, who expressed both sadness for the end of the relationship and support for Lexi and Ben’s decision to prioritize their individual paths.

Lexi Rivera’s Family and Siblings

Lexi Rivera is fortunate to be part of a loving and supportive family. She is one of four siblings, and her bond with her brothers is incredibly strong. Let’s get to know Lexi’s brothers:

  1. Blake Rivera: Lexi’s eldest brother, Blake, is a talented ice hockey player who has competed in national championships. His dedication and skill on the ice have earned him recognition and admiration.
  2. Brice Rivera: Brice, Lexi’s second-oldest brother, is an incredible source of inspiration for her. While not as in the spotlight as his siblings, Brice is a valued member of the family and provides invaluable support.
  3. Brent Rivera: Lexi’s older brother, Brent, is a well-known social media influencer, YouTuber, and actor. His success and creativity have paved the way for Lexi’s own journey in the entertainment industry. The siblings share a special bond and often collaborate on various projects.

Despite spending more time with Brent due to their shared interests and careers, Lexi holds each of her brothers close to her heart. She has emphasized that she loves all her brothers equally and doesn’t have a favorite. Their unbreakable sibling bond adds an extra layer of love and support to Lexi’s life.

lexi rivera family

Who is Lexi Rivera Dating?

Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila are currently in a romantic relationship, which they confirmed through a YouTube video. Their love story has captivated their fans, who eagerly follow their journey through various social media platforms.

Lexi and Andrew regularly share glimpses of their relationship on YouTube, where they document their adventures, challenges, and moments of joy. Their channel has become a source of inspiration for their audience, as they navigate the ups and downs of dating in the public eye.

Aside from YouTube, Lexi and Andrew also engage with their fans on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. They share cute pictures, funny videos, and heartfelt messages that showcase the love and happiness they have found in each other.

Recently, there have been rumors circulating that Lexi and Andrew secretly tied the knot during a romantic trip to the Bahamas. However, these rumors are unfounded and based on a staged photoshoot. Lexi and Andrew are still dating and have not yet taken the plunge into marriage.

As their relationship continues to blossom, Lexi and Andrew remain dedicated to their fans, sharing their love story and being open about their journey. Their authenticity and genuine connection make them beloved figures in the online community.

lexi rivera and andrew davila relationship


Lexi Rivera, the popular social media influencer, is currently in a relationship with Andrew Davila. They publicly confirmed their status as a couple in 2021. Lexi’s journey to fame, her previous relationship with Ben Azelart, her close-knit family, and her thriving YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok presence all contribute to her widespread popularity. Her relationship with Andrew continues to captivate their fans as they share moments of their romance across social media platforms.

Lexi Rivera’s rise to fame has been fueled by her captivating content and charismatic personality. Her YouTube channel has garnered a significant following, as has her presence on Instagram and TikTok. Through her videos and posts, Lexi has amassed a dedicated fan base, who eagerly follow her every move.

In addition to her digital success, Lexi’s previous relationship with fellow YouTuber Ben Azelart added to her public appeal. Although they have since separated, their fans were captivated by their relationship and followed their journey closely.

Lexi’s close-knit family, including her brothers Brent, Blake, and Brice, play a significant role in her life and have also gained attention from her followers. With her current relationship with Andrew Davila, Lexi continues to captivate their fans as they share moments of their romance across various social media platforms.


Who is Lexi Rivera currently dating?

Lexi Rivera is currently dating Andrew Davila.

How did Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila confirm their relationship?

Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila publicly confirmed their relationship through a YouTube video titled “My Ex Meets My New Boyfriend.”

When did Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila start dating?

Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila commenced their relationship in 2021.

Who is Lexi Rivera’s previous boyfriend?

Lexi Rivera’s previous boyfriend was YouTuber Ben Azelart.

How long were Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart in a relationship?

Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart were in a relationship from 2018 until their mutual separation in November 2020.

Does Lexi Rivera have any siblings?

Yes, Lexi Rivera has three elder brothers named Blake, Brice, and Brent Rivera.

Are Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila married?

No, Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila are not married. Rumors circulating about their secret marriage are unfounded and based on a staged photoshoot.

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