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Former EastEnders star Maisie Smith is currently dating Max George of The Wanted. They started their relationship in September 2022 despite their 13-year age gap. They met while competing on Strictly Come Dancing in 2020.

Maisie Smith’s love life has always been of interest to her fans and the media. Her current relationship with Max George has sparked curiosity about her dating history, her current partner, and her love interests. Let’s delve into the details of Maisie Smith’s romantic journey.

Maisie Smith’s Love Life

Maisie Smith’s love life has been a subject of fascination for fans and media outlets alike. The former EastEnders star has been in the public eye since her early years on the show, and her romantic relationships have garnered significant attention. Among them, her current romance with Max George stands out as her most prominent one to date.

Maisie’s dating history has been a topic of interest, with fans curious to know about her past relationships and the dynamics of her love life. While details about her previous partners are relatively private, her relationship with Max¬†George has been more public, captivating audiences with their connection and chemistry.

Throughout her journey in the entertainment industry, Maisie Smith has experienced the highs and lows of fame and relationships. As she continues to navigate her love life under the spotlight, Maisie remains an intriguing figure, leaving fans eager to learn more about her romantic endeavors.

Maisie Smith romance

Maisie Smith and Max George: A Romance Born on Strictly Come Dancing

During their time on the popular reality show Strictly Come Dancing in 2020, Maisie Smith and Max George formed a deep connection that would lead to a blossoming romance. Despite their 13-year age gap, their chemistry and shared experiences on the dance floor brought them closer together.

The Beginning of Maisie and Max’s Relationship

Friendship turned into something more when Maisie and Max embarked on a trip to Portugal in the summer of 2022. The beautiful scenery and quality time spent together allowed them to explore their feelings and take their relationship to the next level.

Insights into Their Personal Moments and Bickering

Like any couple, Maisie and Max have had their fair share of personal moments and occasional bickering. They have been open about the ups and downs of their relationship, providing glimpses into their lives beyond the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Navigating a High-Profile Relationship in the Public Eye

Being in the public eye brings its challenges, and Maisie and Max know this all too well. They have faced public scrutiny due to their age gap, but they have remained resilient, focusing on their love for each other and the strength of their connection. Despite the attention, they have managed to maintain their relationship and continue to support one another.

Max George and Maisie Smith age gap

Who Is Maisie Smith Dating? Her Current Love Interest Revealed

Maisie Smith, the former EastEnders star, is currently in a relationship with Max George, a member of the beloved British-Irish boy band The Wanted. The couple started dating in September 2022 and has since formed a strong connection despite their age difference.

Maisie Smith dating

Maisie and Max have captured the attention of fans and media alike with their love story. Their relationship has been a topic of speculation and interest due to their respective fame and the public’s fascination with celebrity romances.

Since going public with their relationship, Maisie and Max have been seen together at various events and have shared glimpses of their romance on social media. Their outings and posts have given fans an insight into their love story and the joy they bring to each other’s lives.

Maisie and Max’s connection is built on shared interests and a deep emotional bond. They continue to support and uplift each other, both personally and professionally.

As they navigate their relationship in the public eye, Maisie and Max strive to maintain a sense of privacy and keep their love life separate from the spotlight. They understand the importance of preserving their personal moments and preserving the authenticity of their romance.

Their love story serves as an inspiration to many, breaking barriers and defying stereotypes. Despite their age difference, Maisie and Max have shown that love knows no boundaries and that two people can find happiness and fulfillment in each other.

Stay tuned to discover more about Maisie Smith’s love life and the journey she and Max George are embarking on together.

The Dynamics of Maisie and Max’s Relationship

Maisie Smith and Max George cherish a vibrant and evolving relationship that thrives beyond the cameras. Their commitment to privacy has become an integral part of their romance, enabling them to prioritize their personal connection and keep their love life separate from the public spotlight.

Maisie Smith romance

Life Beyond the Cameras: Maisie’s Take on Romance and Privacy

Maisie Smith is no stranger to the intrusive nature of fame. She understands the importance of maintaining privacy in her personal life. For Maisie, preserving the sacredness of her relationship with Max George is paramount. By drawing a clear line between their public and private lives, Maisie believes they can nurture a healthy and lasting romance.

Age Just a Number: Addressing the Age Gap Criticisms

The 13-year age gap between Maisie Smith and Max George has been a subject of scrutiny, but the couple remains unfazed by external opinions. Maisie firmly believes that age is just a number and should not overshadow the bond and connection they share. Their relationship is built on mutual respect, trust, and a shared vision for the future.

Lifestyle Choices: The Couple’s Take on Work and Living Arrangements

Despite their busy schedules, Maisie Smith and Max George have found a harmonious balance between their work commitments and personal lives. They adapt to each other’s lifestyles and navigate the challenges of maintaining a relationship in the public eye. Whether it’s supporting each other’s careers or making compromises in terms of living arrangements, the couple remains dedicated to fostering a strong and enduring partnership.

Maisie Smith’s Dating History and Past Relationships

Prior to her high-profile romance with Max George, Maisie Smith has had previous relationships. However, details about her dating history before Max are relatively private.

Maisie and Max: Joint Ventures and Supporting Each Other’s Careers

Maisie Smith and Max George’s relationship goes beyond their personal connection. They have also collaborated professionally, proving to be a dynamic duo in the entertainment industry. Their joint ventures and support for each other’s careers showcase their commitment to both love and creativity.

From Screen to Stage: Working Together on a Musical

An exciting project that Maisie and Max embarked on together was their appearance in the musical Strictly Ballroom: The Musical. The pair brought their talents from screen to stage, captivating audiences with their performances and chemistry. Their ability to merge their acting skills with their love for music and dance has allowed them to explore new artistic dimensions and showcase their versatility.

Plans for Future Collaborations and Professional Gigs

Maisie and Max have expressed a shared interest in future collaborations, demonstrating their desire to continue working together on creative projects. With their combined talents and passion for their craft, they have the potential to create more memorable performances and leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Whether it’s in music, acting, or other artistic endeavors, Maisie and Max are eager to explore opportunities that allow them to bring their talents together.

Public Appearances and Social Media Snippets of Maisie Smith’s Romance

Maisie Smith and Max George, the popular couple, make sure to keep their fans updated on their love story through various public appearances and social media posts. Their relationship is often documented through public events, where they radiate happiness and affection.

Whether it’s attending red carpet events, movie premieres, or award shows, Maisie and Max are often seen together, exuding love and support for one another. Their public appearances highlight the strength of their bond and the joy they find in each other’s company.

Additionally, Maisie and Max provide glimpses of their relationship through their active presence on social media. They frequently share adorable and candid moments with their followers, offering an intimate look into their romance.

Through their posts, Maisie and Max showcase their love, respect, and shared interests, capturing the hearts of their fans. Their followers eagerly await updates and relish in the genuine connection that Maisie and Max display in their social media snippets.


Maisie Smith’s love life has become a topic of fascination for fans and the media. Her relationship with Max George has proven to be a success, thanks to their strong connection and unwavering support for each other’s careers. Despite being in the public eye, Maisie and Max have managed to maintain their privacy, emphasizing their commitment to keeping their romance separate from the spotlight.

As the couple continues to navigate their relationship, they remain determined to let their love story unfold naturally. Their joint ventures, such as their appearance in the musical “Strictly Ballroom,” reflect their shared passion for the entertainment industry.

Maisie Smith and Max George’s love story is one that captures the imagination and hearts of their fans. With their unbreakable bond and determination to carve out their own path, Maisie and Max are sure to create even more memorable moments together in the future.


Who is Maisie Smith currently dating?

Maisie Smith is currently dating Max George of The Wanted.

How long have Maisie Smith and Max George been in a relationship?

Maisie Smith and Max George started their relationship in September 2022.

What is the age gap between Maisie Smith and Max George?

There is a 13-year age gap between Maisie Smith and Max George.

How did Maisie Smith and Max George meet?

They met while competing on Strictly Come Dancing in 2020.

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